Posted on 1 May 2014 | 9,804 views
Why I’m Buying December 2014 Spyder Put Options

Marc Faber, Peter Schiff and Nouriel Roubini are endlessly calling for the mother of all crashes for 2014, but now a different source is sounding the same 2014 stock market crash alarm — Richard Ross, a global technical strategist at Auerbach Grayson, and he is calling for a serious correction. He’s quite bearish and thinks the market’s are going significantly lower.

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Posted on 2 May 2014 | 7,805 views
Stocks Will Collapse by 50% in 2014

The best single measure of where valuations stand at any given moment is the ratio of the total market capitalization to the total dollar value of the GDP. And any time that valuation stands at more than 100% of the total goods and services in the economy means it is time to be wary about common stocks.

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Posted on 23 Sep 2013 | 6,605 views
Triggers for a 2013 Stock Market Crash

With talk of the Hindenburg Omen, the Fed ending QE and government shutdowns, it’s important to prepare for the potential impact of bumps ahead. It’s no wonder why we are hearing more about “2013 Crash Talk” in the stock market and it’s stirring up.

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Posted on 22 Sep 2013 | 5,213 views
Stock Market Predictor Joseph E Granville Dies

When the stock market prognosticator Joseph E. Granville talked, his subscribers listened. Joe Granville implored his newsletter subscribers to “sell everything” just before the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell in 1981.

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Posted on 9 May 2013 | 5,177 views
Search Term “Crash of 1929” Predicting 2,000 Point Drop in the DJIA Causing a 2013 Stock Market Correction

Searching through Google Trends, one interesting search trend which stands out is “Crash of 1929” — which seems to peak right before the Dow Jones Industrial Average crashes 1,000 to 2,000 points.

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Posted on 25 Apr 2013 | 17,197 views
2013 Stock Market Crash Alert

Barron’s latest “Big Money” poll and its magazine cover just gave you reasons to be on the lookout for a stock market crash. Barron’s drives the point home with its over-the-top cover titled “Dow 16,000” — “Rule of Thumb” When the cover of a major financial magazine features a cartoon of a bull leaping through the air on a pogo stick, it’s probably about time to cash in the chips, mutual fund owner John Hussman wrote on his Hussman Funds website.