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Posted on 20 Mar 2011 | 10,232 views
Predicting Stock Market Crashes With Stock Options

A stock market crash is a sudden drastic decline of stock prices across a significant cross-section of the market. Crashes are often driven by panic amongst the investors.

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Posted on 18 Mar 2011 | 6,618 views
January Effect Stock Market Prediction

January is traditionally a good time to pick up bargains, in the stock market as well as anywhere else. The “January Effect” is that American stocks rise much more in January than in any other month of the year. Sidney Wachtel discovered the phenomenon in the 1940s, but it wasn’t until the 1970s that anybody took much notice.

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Posted on 11 Mar 2011 | 12,398 views
Jesse Livermore Predicted 1907 and 1929 Crash

Livermore first became famous after the Panic of 1907 when he sold the market short as it crashed. He noticed conditions where a lack of capital existed to buy stock. Accordingly, he predicted that there would be a sharp drop in prices when many speculators were simultaneously forced to sell by margin calls and a lack of credit.

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Posted on 6 Mar 2011 | 11,232 views
VIX Stock Indicator to Predict Market Crashes

Developed by the Chicago Board Options Exchange in 1993, the CBOE Volatility Index (Chicago Options: ^VIX) is one of the Street’s most widely accepted methods to gauge stock market volatility.