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Posted on 11 Mar 2011 | 6,081 views
Did Goldman Sachs Orchestrate the Financial Crisis

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura investigated the Wall Street and former Goldman Sachs workers and others told him exactly what happened when the economy tanked and peoples lives were ruined.

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Posted on 11 Mar 2011 | 6,729 views
The Largest Ever DJIA Intra-Day Sell-Off

On a point basis, the September 29, 2008 sell-off in the U.S. stock market marked the single-worst intra-day pullback in stock market history — a 777.68 decline, followed closely by the 733.08 point pullback two weeks later, on October 15, 2008. Of the 10-steepest declines in stock market history, six came at the end of 2008 during the depths of the financial crisis.

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Posted on 11 Mar 2011 | 13,918 views
Wall Streets Worst Market Crashes

Almost every generation, it seems, has its October stock-market crash. We can study these Stock Market Crashes closely, learning about the differences and similarities that exist between them, and how to avoid future financial meltdowns.

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Posted on 3 Mar 2011 | 7,567 views
September is the Worst Month for Stocks

October usually comes to mind when you ask somebody what is the worst month to own stocks. That’s the month when Black Monday and Black Tuesday occurred, marking the crashes of 1987 and 1929. Some people might say May which has “Sell in May and go Away” tied to it. You might be surprised to know that September is historically the worst month to be invested in the stock market.