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Posted on 14 June 2011 | 8,280 views

10 Clues the Stock Market is About to Crash Again

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is currently off 7% from its April high and has broken decisively down through its 50 Day Moving Average — the Federal Reserve and economist have also described this current down trend as a “Soft Patch” but the markets are not so sure.

There are a confluence of factors suggesting the “Dow Jones Industrial Average” and many other global stock markets are about to collapse and 2011 is dangerously shaping up to look like 2008.

Here are the 10 clues that “Wall Street” is about to crash again …

1. Major banks are planning lay-offs.
2. Bad news reported day in and day out, lowering consumer confidence.
3. OPEC announces oil production level will not be raised, which also means oil prices are likely to go up this week.
4. Pimco’s co-chief investment officer, Bill Gross, is telling investors that for the Fed it will “be difficult to initiate a QE3,” but without artificial stimulation the U.S. economy may start really struggling again.
5. Moody’s warns it may downgrade the debt ratings of Bank of America, Citigroup and Wells Fargo.
6. Standard & Poor’s changes its outlook on US.government debt from stable to negative and warns U.S. could lose its AAA rating — and China has been dumping short-term U.S. Government debt.
7. US consumer confidence is lower than it was back in September 2008 when Lehman Brothers collapsed.
8. Mike Riddell, of M&G Investments in London, tells CNBC, “It seems that almost every bit of data about the health of the US economy has disappointed expectations recently.”
9. Nouriel Roubini warns about the next financial crisis.
10. 48% of Americans believe that it is either very likely or somewhat likely that the United States will experience a depression within the next 12 months.

If you think we’re in store for another financial crisis, tell us what you think.

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One Comment »

  • Tom Shuman said:

    The Fed was created so the central bankers could run the world by controlling the governments of the world. They could always be counted on to have cash available to bail out this country or arm that one in wartime (they create the wars). If the fed could print money (after the gov they made it ellegal to own gold) and create credit, why hell, they could control everythng. After we used all the rest of our gold to pay for the Vietnam War, the French demanded more gold for the dollars they were holding. The fed got tired of this so they got tricky dick to take the dollar off the gold standard once and for all. Now the fed could really up the ante and start getting banks to loan more and more money and increase the money loaned to 40x what they had in deposits. Inflation on main steet and billions in dollars on wall street. the simple man didnt have 10,000 to thrw at the market so credit cards were issued (Amex was one of the first along with carte blanche) and a regulr man could invest in stocks and triple his money in 10 years. But wall street didnt want te common man gettig oo wealthy, they wanted it all for themselves so the market makers manipulated the markets to entice the common man to buy precisely when they were selling out near the peak of the srock price and the common man would lose his shirt. This has been going on since the markets have been in operation but now with new credit (banks loaning 40x deposits and probably higher in soe cases) wall street could now rake in billions. In the meantime, main street is becoming poorer with the new inflation and Jimmy Carter at he helm. Nixon makes a deal wth OPEC to buy all their oil as long as they sell to ever one else in dollars,literally making the dollar the worlds reserve currency set in steel. opec decides to get wealthy overnight and shuts off the taps so we have $2.50 gas and long lines. I think they wanted to see if america would tell them to bugger off and start drilling in the US. we didnt bother. We did but capped the wells.
    The fed is just a manipulation machine. To be able to create money with no backing is just asking for hyperinflation and a destruction of the economy over a long haul. Gold and silver will become the new mone again as well as an underground economy of bartering to avoid future tax hikes at the local level (sales taxes and income taxes)
    Unless we get rid of the fed and the fiat currecy system as it is, meaning the manipulation to make a few wealthy in commodities and stocks while the rest suffer with hyperinflation, then the US is doomed to years of depression and 30%-40% unemployment. And the welfare recipients and social security recipients will be left to starve as they can not continue to send out money to them that doesnt exist. There will be anarchy and millions will suffer. The people that are prepared will do all right outside the urban areas but urbanites will suffer the most from crime and starvation.

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