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Posted on 22 Sep 2013 | 11,057 views
Stock Market Crash Similar to 1987 is Coming

Fears over US monetary tightening, rate hikes, and recession triggered the 1987 stock market crash, and there are parallels with today’s market environment, said Société Générale’s Albert Edwards. In his latest note, the ultra-bearish strategist said the evolution of bonds yields and equity markets this year looks similar to what happened before the market collapse of 1987.

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Posted on 22 Mar 2013 | 3,737 views
Dow Jones Industrials All-Time Highs and What Happened Afterwards

So the Dow Jones Industrial Average broke a record in March 2013 — now what? It’s impossible to predict how the Dow, that popular barometer of the stock market, will zigzag from here. The only thing certain about the market is that there will be more peaks and crashes ahead, and that’s about as specific as a fortune cookie.

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Posted on 13 Mar 2013 | 5,465 views
Stocks Crash on Monday – Watch out for Black Tuesday Sell-Off

Stock prices hurtled lower Monday August 8, 2011 as anxiety overtook investors on the first trading day since Standard & Poor’s downgraded American debt. The Dow Jones Industrials were briefly down more than 600 points.

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Posted on 12 Mar 2013 | 4,562 views
Air Reduction Company Stock Market Price After October 1929 Stock Market Crash

Across the Atlantic, the economic potential of the oxyacetylene process captured the attention of several prominent investors, including Percy Rockefeller – nephew of John D Rockefeller. In 1908 they formed the American Oxygen Company.

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Posted on 28 Oct 2012 | 6,319 views
Worst Stock Market Days

Despite the severity of stock market drops, the largest drop ever in terms of points goes to September 29, 2008, when the Dow Jones Industrials fell a total of 778 points during the depths of the financial crisis.