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Posted on 31 Mar 2011 | 4,373 views
Wrigley Stock Price After the October 1929 Stock Crash

The William Wrigley Jr. Company is a company headquartered in the Wrigley Building in Near North Side, Chicago, Illinois. The company was founded on April 1, 1891 originally selling products such as soap and baking powder.

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Posted on 30 Mar 2011 | 14,333 views
American Telephone and Telegraph AT&T October 1929 Stock Market Crash

AT&T’s roots stretch back to 1875, with founder Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone.The American Telephone and Telegraph Company was incorporated on March 3, 1885 as a wholly owned subsidiary of American Bell, chartered to build and operate the original long distance telephone network.

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Posted on 30 Mar 2011 | 13,374 views
General Motors 1929 Stock Market Crash Price

On September 16, 1908, William Crapo Durant incorporated General Motors in New Jersey. Within 12 days of its founding, General Motors had issued $12 million in stock. On September 29, 1908 General Motors purchased Buick, Oldsmobile, Cadillac and Oakland (which was later known as Pontiac).

Crash of 1929 »

Posted on 25 Mar 2011 | 7,442 views
Black Monday and Black Tuesday Dow Stock Prices

Monday October 28, 1929 was the first “Black Monday“, where investors decided to get out of the market and the Dow Jones Industrial Average collapsed 38.33 points, or 12.82% on the day. The next day was “Black Tuesday“, October 29, 1929, where the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost an additional 30.57 points, or 11.73% on the day.

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Posted on 15 Mar 2011 | 4,601 views
March 15 2011 Third Largest Fall in Nikkei History

The Nikkei 225 stock index closed down 10.55 percent on Tuesday March 15, 2011, recovering from deeper losses earlier in the session, as the nation grappled with a crisis at an earthquake-damaged nuclear power plant and the aftermath of last week’s earthquake and tsunami.