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Posted on 4 Apr 2013 | 4,137 views
The Coming 2013 Stock Market Correction

By a variety of measures, the U.S. equity market is poised for some kind of a Market Pullback, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing — a fact that underscores the kind of momentum driving stocks these days.

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Posted on 27 Oct 2012 | 2,792 views
Stock Market Sentiment and Technical Analysis Mirrors the Worst Bear Market of 1973

In January 1973, a financial magazine published the stock market outlooks of a select group of professional investors. All agreed: Market prices are headed higher. Yet in that very month, the stock market started a slide. It later became the “Worst Bear Market Since the Great Depression” — from January 11, 1973 to December 6, 1974 the Dow Industrials lost 45% in value.

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Posted on 10 Apr 2011 | 6,285 views
Ticker Tape Machine Could Not Keep up With Stock Market Crash of 1929

In 1929, people had “Ticker Tape Machines” on their desks — it was like a telegraph that made a ticking noise as it printed stock quotes. You would get an actual ribbon of paper with stock quotes but during the stock market crash of 1929, the stock ticker machines could not keep up with the volume in trading.