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Posted on 8 Oct 2011 | 5,525 views
October is not the Worst Month for Stocks

Stocks ended a volatile 2011 third quarter on a down note — finishing the quarter down 12 percent, the largest drop since the credit crisis.

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Posted on 8 Aug 2011 | 6,982 views
Picking a Market Bottom During the August 2011 Stock Market Crash

Most stock market declines rarely end with days like Thursday’s (August 4, 2011) 513 point drop for the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

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Posted on 6 Apr 2011 | 7,469 views
Government Bought Stocks After 1987 Crash on Greenspans Advice

Alan Greenspan assumed his most important public position on August 11, 1987, replacing Paul A. Volcker as chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Less than two months after assuming office, Greenspan was faced with such a financial market crisis — the 1987 Stock Market Crash.

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Posted on 17 Mar 2011 | 6,969 views
Is October a Bad Month for Stock Market Crashes

One of the most discussed themes in market history has to do with October — specifically, that October is a month that the market crashes. October is a historically temperamental time on Wall Street and while some people believe the market is going to keep climbing higher, others are terrified it will sink like a stone.

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Posted on 12 Mar 2011 | 7,563 views
Black Monday the October 1987 Stock Market Crash

On Monday, October 19, 1987, the Dow Jones Industrial Average declined 22.6% in the largest single-day drop in history. This one day decline was not confined to the United States, but mirrored all over the world.