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Posted on 17 Apr 2011 | 7,800 views
The Stock Market Crash of 1929 was Engineered Through Conspiracy

The Federal Reserve System was created when Woodrow Wilson was President and was passed through congress on an unsuspecting American public. There were absolute guarantees that there would be no more boom and bust economic cycles because international bankers faithfully promised that from then on there would be only steady growth and perpetual prosperity.

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Posted on 14 Apr 2011 | 5,699 views
How the British Started Wall Street Panics and Depressions With Economic Warfare

The British had a long track record of using the London Bank Rate — rediscount rate of the Bank of England — for financial and economic warfare against the United States. The periodic “Panics” and “Depressions” of the nineteenth century were more often than not caused by deliberate British sabotage.