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Posted on 17 Mar 2013 | 2,115 views
Global Stock Market Collapse Begins as European Finance Chiefs Raid Personal Bank Accounts

The decision by the Eurozone to force bank depositors in Cyprus to contribute towards a bailout, a first in the Eurozone debt crisis, could hurt other peripheral nations, the Euro and the global stock market rally, analysts warned.

Stock Market Crashes »

Posted on 17 Mar 2013 | 2,014 views
European Leaders Seize Funds Directly From Bank Account Holders

European finance chiefs ordered an unprecedented raid on personal bank accounts. Up to 60,000 British savers are to lose thousands of pounds each as expats in Cyprus have their savings decimated in part of a painful bid to bail out the bankrupt island.

Predicting Crashes »

Posted on 3 Jun 2012 | 3,143 views
June 2012 Black Monday Ready to Crash the Stock Market

So far, the “Sell in May and Go Away” strategy has followed the textbook lessons over the last few years but as you can see from the chart at the end of this article, the short-lived seasonal sell-offs have been followed by significant advances — up +33% from 2010 lows and up +29% from the 2011 lows.