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Posted on 6 Apr 2011 | 17,441 views
Flash Crash on May 29, 1962

While many on Wall Street think our latest flash crash in 2010 was a bit of an anomaly, the truth is this has happened before and it was on May 29, 1962. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 5.7% that day, down 34.95, the second-largest point decline then on record.

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Posted on 21 Mar 2011 | 9,328 views
What Caused the May 6 2010 Flash Crash

Waddell & Reed initiated a computer-driven sale worth $4.1 billion by one of its traders which helped trigger the May flash crash, setting off liquidity shocks that ricocheted between U.S. futures and stock markets, sending the Dow Jones industrial average careening nearly 1,000 points in less than a half-hour on May 6, 2010, federal regulators said Friday.

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Posted on 17 Mar 2011 | 6,787 views
Worst S&P 500 3 Month Sell-Offs With Rebounds

Since January 3, 1950 the Standard and Poors 500, “S&P 500” has had 6 large sell-offs which led to subsequent 12 month returns larger than the original sell-off.