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Posted on 7 Mar 2013 | 11,261 views
New York Stock Exchange DJIA Stocks on October 29 1929

The Roaring Twenties, the decade that led up to the Crash, was a time of wealth and excess. Despite caution of the dangers of speculation, many believed that the market could sustain high price levels. Shortly before the crash, economist Irving Fisher famously proclaimed, “Stock prices have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau.”

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Posted on 1 Jun 2012 | 2,845 views
Facebook Stock Expected to Bottom at $22.00

Facebook (Ticker Symbol: FB) shares continue their downward spiral, with the stock down nearly 37% from its all time high as questions about its earnings growth and other issues persist.

Crash of 1929 »

Posted on 21 Jul 2011 | 4,475 views
Checker Cab Stock Price After the October 1929 Stock Market Crash

Morris Markin, founder of “Checker Cab“, immigrated to the United States and moved to Chicago where he began running a fleet of cabs and an auto body shop — the Markin Auto Body Corporation in Joliet, Illinois.

Crash of 1929 »

Posted on 18 Apr 2011 | 5,581 views
Who Cashed Out Right Before the Stock Market Crash on October 29 1929

A few people profited in the run-up to the crash because they kept their greed in check. Sensing trouble ahead, “Speculators” Bernard Baruch and John Raskob got out of the market in early 1929 right before the stock market crash.

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Posted on 5 Apr 2011 | 4,562 views
Japan Disaster to Trigger Liquidity Crisis Like 2008

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant struggled to contain leakage of radioactive water into the sea as the ripple effects from Japan’s crisis worsened considerably on April 4, 2011 which is expected to cause a liquidity crisis and another financial crisis like what happened in 2008 soon.