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Posted on 14 Mar 2013 | 4,378 views
Wall Street Sell-Off Continues as Dow Plunges 520 Points on August 10, 2011

Fear returned to Wall Street on Wednesday August 10, 2011 — sending the S&P 500 to another 4 percent decline, triggered by worries that Europe’s debt crisis could engulf French banks and spill onto the U.S. financial sector.

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Posted on 6 Aug 2012 | 4,106 views
Hedge Fund VISP Shorted Stocks Anticiapting a September 2012 Stock Market Collapse

Goldman Sachs (Ticker Symbol: GS) tracks a group of 50 stocks they like to refer to as the “Hedge Fund VISP” (Very-Important-Short-Position) basket.

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Posted on 22 Apr 2011 | 6,280 views
$7 Dollar Gas This Summer Will Crash Stock Market

With gas prices jumping an average of 30 cents per gallon over the past month, maybe you thought the oil companies were just being greedy or gas prices went up because the crisis in Libya was affecting supplies of oil but professional oil traders say that you’re wrong on both counts.

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Posted on 14 Apr 2011 | 6,942 views
Spike in Crude Oil Signaling 2011 Bear Market

With the investment banking firm Goldman Sachs (Stock Symbol: GS) calling for oil prices to drop as much as $20 a barrel this spring, the rest of Wall Street is betting oil prices will continue their surge.

Stock Market Crashes »

Posted on 11 Mar 2011 | 6,111 views
Did Goldman Sachs Orchestrate the Financial Crisis

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura investigated the Wall Street and former Goldman Sachs workers and others told him exactly what happened when the economy tanked and peoples lives were ruined.