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Posted on 22 Sep 2013 | 4,680 views
How Hedge Funds Brace for Stock Market Crashes

Investors do worry about stock market crashes when stocks have rallied such as the case in 2013, but what retail investors should do is try to learn what the professionals do with their clients’ money and their own money. Very few fund managers sell out of stocks entirely. After all, cash never rallies, and it is widely known that bull markets always seem to crawl a wall of worry.

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Posted on 15 Apr 2012 | 3,864 views
High Frequency Trading now Turning Bearish and Looking for a Summer 2012 Stock Market Crash

The six month surging stock market rally has nothing to do with any signs of a economic turnaround on Main Street analysts say — the disconnect in the number of shares being traded proves this.

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Posted on 16 Apr 2011 | 4,826 views
TD Ameritrades AMTD Dot-Com Stock Crash History

If your stock makes a big move while you’re stuck in traffic, don’t worry — TD Ameritrade (Stock Symbol: AMTD) lets you buy and sell even when you’re on the go.