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Posted on 22 Mar 2013 | 3,677 views
Dow Jones Industrials All-Time Highs and What Happened Afterwards

So the Dow Jones Industrial Average broke a record in March 2013 — now what? It’s impossible to predict how the Dow, that popular barometer of the stock market, will zigzag from here. The only thing certain about the market is that there will be more peaks and crashes ahead, and that’s about as specific as a fortune cookie.

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Posted on 28 Aug 2011 | 5,132 views
Gold Bubble 2011 now Bursting and Crashing

Gold has been plunging in New York on speculation that financial markets may be stabilizing, eroding the appeal of the precious metal as a safe haven.

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Posted on 9 Aug 2011 | 5,756 views
Is it a Stock Market Crash When the Dow Jones Industrial Average Drops 1,147 Points Over Three Trading Days?

After “Black Tuesday“, October 29, 1929, Variety declared “Wall Street Lays an Egg” — to describe a drop of 23 percent in the stock market over two days. In the stock market “Crash of 1987”, the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 22.6 percent of its value in one day. On Monday August 8, 2011 the Dow dropped 634.76 points to 10809.85. Does the sharp decline qualify as a “Stock Market Crash”?

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Posted on 5 Aug 2011 | 6,112 views
Is the Dow Jones Getting Ready for a August 2011 Crash?

If you followed the market crashes of 2000-2002 and 2007-2009, especially the crash of 2007-2009, the 512-point drop in the Dow yesterday (August 4, 2011) feels awfully familiar.

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Posted on 3 Apr 2011 | 6,939 views
Best Performing Sectors After October 29 1929 Crash

Towards the end of 1929 when the stock market crashed until the middle of 1932 when stock finally hit a bottom, only certain sectors in the economy were performing well.