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Posted on 24 Aug 2012 | 7,955 views
Velocity of Money is now Lower Than the Great Depression

The rate at which money is exchanged from one transaction to another, and how much a unit of currency is used in a given period of time. Velocity of money is usually measured as a ratio of GNP to a country’s total supply of money.

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Posted on 12 Jun 2011 | 12,895 views
Is the Stock Market Signaling a Crash and Double Dip Recession or Great Depression?

Recent economic data indicates the United States economy is heading into a “Double Dip Recession” and if we are to have a double dip, we had better hope the second down-leg is a deep one, the 2008-09 recession was nothing like as deep as that of 1929-33 but current misguided policies have actually made things worse.

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Posted on 22 Apr 2011 | 15,578 views
Silver is Unlikely to Crash in 2011 – to Reach 400 an Ounce by 2015

The risk of another “Great Depression” is real and many analysts believe the crisis will escalate late in 2011. This will lead to continued safe haven demand for gold and silver which should see gold and silver once again perform well throughout 2011.