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Posted on 30 Mar 2013 | 3,011 views
Expert: Apple Stock to Hit $274 in 3 to 6 Months

Edward Zabitsky, CEO of ACI Research in Toronto is one of the earliest bears on Apple (Ticker Symbol: AAPL) stock, rated Apple stock a “sell” in 2010 — at around $200 a share and even called a top in the stock late in 2012 at $700 per share.

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Posted on 26 Sep 2012 | 3,912 views
VIX Signaling Increased Volatility for October 2012

One of the market’s measurements for investor sentiment suggests growing investor worry, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to panic.

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Posted on 5 Oct 2011 | 6,046 views
Apple Stock Off Almost 12% From 52 Week High on iPhone 5 2011 Rumors

The most closely kept secret about the iPhone 5? There isn’t one — yet. The new iPhone is faster, has a better camera and allows you to sync content without needing a computer. It includes a futuristic, voice-activated service that responds to spoken commands and questions such as “Do I need an umpella today?” It will now be available to Sprint (Stock Symbol: S) customers as well as those from AT&T (Stock Symbol: T) and Verizon Wireless (Stock Symbol: VZ).