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Crash of 1929 »

Posted on 21 Jul 2011 | 6,854 views
Hahn Department Stores Stock Price After the October 1929 Stock Market Crash

Ten years as managing director of the National Retail Dry Goods Association gave Lew Hahn intimate knowledge of department stores, plus a reputation, of which he had almost none when he began wrapping up shoes in Andrew Alexander’s shop.

Stock Market Crashes »

Posted on 22 Apr 2011 | 6,378 views
The Myth of the Crash That Caused the Stock Market to Close on Good Friday

Art Cashin, Director of Floor Operations with UBS Financial Services said “The Myth Of The Crash That Caused The Stock Market To Close On Good Friday” is an erroneous myth – in the nearly five decades that I’ve been in Wall Street, each Easter season sees the re-blooming of this old myth.