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Posted on 24 Jun 2011 | 11,605 views
Shazam now IPO Candidate as IPO Bubble Looms

Shazam, whose technology lets people use their cell phones to learn the names of catchy songs, has raised $32 million in funding to bolster expansion plans and move the company closer to a potential public stock offering.

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Posted on 14 Apr 2011 | 4,972 views
Commodities Crash With US Banking Panic of 1932-1933

By August of 1931, Keynes estimated that “Commodity Prices” on the world market had fallen since 1929 by an average of 25%, with some commodities falling as much as 40 to 50%. Common stock shares had fallen worldwide by 40% to 50%, he reckoned.

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Posted on 14 Apr 2011 | 12,622 views
Depression of 1920-1921 Deflationary Recession and Panic

The Depression of 1920–21 was an extremely sharp deflationary recession in the United States, shortly after the end of World War I. It lasted from January 1920 to July 1921. The extent of the deflation was not only large, but large relative to the accompanying decline in real product.