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Posted on 14 Mar 2013 | 4,138 views
Don’t Bring out the Champagne yet – DJIA Predicted to Bottom Out at 8200

Last Thursday, after a couple of weeks of steady but relatively normal declines, the Dow suddenly tanked 500 points. Then, after a modest recovery on Friday, it fell 600 points — then it soared 400 points. Then it plunged 500 points — then it blasted off to another 400 point gain.

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Posted on 2 Mar 2012 | 5,425 views
Stock Market Crash in the Very Near Future

The vast majority of retail and institutional investors say they’re terrified there will be another stock market crash in the very near future, a new survey shows — and that actually bodes well for stocks.

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Posted on 24 Dec 2011 | 11,680 views
Stock Market Will Crash 35% in 2012

The flow of market forecasting is at its peak as we close out 2011 and look at the year ahead. Generally speaking, most outlooks fall safely within the bounds of existing consensus or conventional wisdom.

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Posted on 22 Apr 2011 | 5,414 views
April 2011 Standard and Poors 500 Stock Futures Jump to October 1987 Pre Crash Levels

One of the biggest surges of overnight demand for Standard & Poor’s 500 stock futures before Wednesday’s April 20, 2011 session is unnerving some investors puzzled by the sudden leap. The difference between the price of the last S&P 500 future traded on Tuesday evening and its opening price on Wednesday morning was the second biggest ever for a Wednesday following a Friday when options expired.

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Posted on 5 Mar 2011 | 5,305 views
Top 20 Largest Daily DJIA Losses

When we look at stock market crashes, September has had the most on the Dow Jones Industrial Average since being founded by Charles Dow on May 26, 1896. October on the other hand has had the biggest crashes with 9 of them on a daily percentage basis.