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Posted on 9 Mar 2013 | 3,584 views
Long Term Crash on Biotech OXiGENE – OXGN up Over 200% in 9 Trading Days

OXiGENE (Stock Symbol: OXGN) climbed over 14% to $5.60 per share on May 12, 2011, with volume soaring to more than 10 million shares trading hands, up from its average daily volume of just 892,077 shares. The “Biotech” company announced Thursday morning that it had commenced “Phase 1 Trials” of an anticancer compound used the treatment of patients with acute myelogenous Leukemia.

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Posted on 9 Mar 2013 | 3,655 views
After Hours Basket Bust Sends Stocks Soaring Then Plunging on Anniversary of the Flash Crash

A trading glitch during the after-hours trading on Monday May 2, 2011 sent dozens of “Bad Trades” on some Healthcare Sector stocks flying. In a matter of minutes, shares of Beckton Dickinson (Stock Symbol: BDX) , Boston Scientific (Stock Symbol: BSX) and McKesson (Stock Symbol: MCK) soared 30% in value.

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Posted on 6 Aug 2012 | 4,085 views
Hedge Fund VISP Shorted Stocks Anticiapting a September 2012 Stock Market Collapse

Goldman Sachs (Ticker Symbol: GS) tracks a group of 50 stocks they like to refer to as the “Hedge Fund VISP” (Very-Important-Short-Position) basket.

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Posted on 2 Jun 2012 | 3,349 views
Dow Jones Industrial is now Collapsing in 2012

The unemployment numbers are in, and it’s looking ugly out there. Payrolls grew by 69,000 last month, which remains a gain, but is the weakest showing in a year. Not only that, but April was revised down. In response, markets are plummeting.

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Posted on 15 Apr 2012 | 3,850 views
High Frequency Trading now Turning Bearish and Looking for a Summer 2012 Stock Market Crash

The six month surging stock market rally has nothing to do with any signs of a economic turnaround on Main Street analysts say — the disconnect in the number of shares being traded proves this.