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Posted on 4 Aug 2011 | 17,917 views
Dow Plunges 513 Points on August 4, 2011 Which is the Worst Drop Since the 2008 Financial Crisis Started

The stock market has just finished its worst trading day since the financial crisis. The Dow is closing with a loss of 512.76 points, or 4.31 percent, to close at 11,383.68 and it was the “Worst Trading Day” for the Dow Jones Industrial Average since December 1, 2008 when the DJIA fell 679.95 points.

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Posted on 22 May 2011 | 6,348 views
Chinese Reverse Mergers are Being Delisted in US Markets Because of Fraud

The NASDAQ and the NYSE halted trading in almost a dozen U.S. listed stocks of Chinese businesses who have engaged in “Reverse Mergers” on the NASDAQ and NYSE to protect investors from fraud in this market niche.

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Posted on 21 May 2011 | 8,192 views
Mini Flash Crashes Occurring Daily

Mini Flash Crashes are still occurring routinely with individual stocks, a sign some of the problems that contributed to the short-circuiting of the markets more than a year ago are still happening. Despite efforts to prevent another flash crash, regulators and markets have moved to implement safeguards.

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Posted on 22 Apr 2011 | 15,666 views
Historical Silver Price and Silver Bubble 2011 Crash

What if someone had come to you when the NASDAQ was at 5000 in late 1999 and told you that the NASDAQ was going to decline 80% over the next few years? Would you have gotten out after such a great run or would you have continued pouring money into an environment that surely felt like it was — different this time?

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Posted on 16 Apr 2011 | 4,793 views
TD Ameritrades AMTD Dot-Com Stock Crash History

If your stock makes a big move while you’re stuck in traffic, don’t worry — TD Ameritrade (Stock Symbol: AMTD) lets you buy and sell even when you’re on the go.