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Posted on 2 May 2014 | 7,658 views
1987 Type Stock Crash Predicted for 2014

The man who predicted the 1987 stock market crash and the recent global economic recession believes the worst crash in decades will take place later in the next 12 months. Dr Marc Faber, a Swiss investor and the author of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report, said the cause of the crash would be the overvaluing of companies within the internet and biotechnology sectors.

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Posted on 14 Apr 2012 | 3,465 views
Apple Stock Flash Crash Forced Circuit Breaker Halt

When Apple stock took a surprising 9 percent plunge on Friday March 23, 2012 in what is known as a flash crash, the sudden drive appears to be unintentional human error but the result was Apple implementing the circuit breaker rule to avoid sudden market volatility.

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Posted on 18 Sep 2011 | 33,442 views
Stock Market Crash in 2013 Predicted With a DJIA of 3,000

Economist Harry Dent sees a cataclysmic drop in stock prices that’s going to erase more than 70 percent of the market’s value by 2013, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunging to 3,000 points.

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Posted on 17 Jun 2011 | 34,021 views
Pandora Shares Plunge Below IPO Price as Stock Crashes

Shares of online radio firm Pandora Media Inc. plummeted on their second day of trading as the Pandora IPO date departed and investors suddenly fled for the exits. BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield this afternoon launched coverage of Pandora Media with a Sell rating and a $5.50 price target.

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Posted on 5 Mar 2011 | 13,110 views
$100 Will Buy This Car Great Depression Stock Crash

On the surface, the 1920’s appeared to be a very prosperous decade — an era of innovation, excitement, and optimism. A closer look, however, reveals quite a different story.