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Posted on 22 Mar 2013 | 3,755 views
Dow Jones Industrials All-Time Highs and What Happened Afterwards

So the Dow Jones Industrial Average broke a record in March 2013 — now what? It’s impossible to predict how the Dow, that popular barometer of the stock market, will zigzag from here. The only thing certain about the market is that there will be more peaks and crashes ahead, and that’s about as specific as a fortune cookie.

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Posted on 28 Oct 2012 | 6,818 views
The Most Consecutive Days Down in the Dow Jones Industrial Average

Since May 26, 1896, (the start of the data) the Dow Jones Industrial Average has been down at least eight days in a row 43 times.

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Posted on 21 Jul 2011 | 4,475 views
Checker Cab Stock Price After the October 1929 Stock Market Crash

Morris Markin, founder of “Checker Cab“, immigrated to the United States and moved to Chicago where he began running a fleet of cabs and an auto body shop — the Markin Auto Body Corporation in Joliet, Illinois.

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Posted on 18 Apr 2011 | 4,773 views
What is the October Effect on the Stock Market

Some investors may be nervous during October because the dates of some large historical market crashes occurred during this month. There’s a theory that stocks tend to decline in October, because it’s cursed.